Winning Bids

Winning Bids for Trade Card Place Auction 204 which ended on Wednesday, July 9th, (not including the 10 percent buyers premium).

Thumbnail Lot Bid($) Description
203.08 60.45 Currier & Ives - The Trotting Queen - Maud S. - Record 2:10 3/4. One of a set of 26 C&I trotter cards listed in Ron Schieber's "Currier & Ives Trade Card Check List," copyright Currier & Ives, NY, 1881. VF, tiny interior crease noticed only on blank reverse.
203.13 37.20 Dr. Haas' Hog & Poultry Remedy - Go As You Please. One of a scarce set of 75 cards printed by Wm. B. Burford, Indianapolis, this one copyrighted 1884 and showing a walking race which was a popular sport in the late 1800s, R-adv (animated) claims this is the only scientific swine remedy. F-, light interior creases towards the bottom.
203.27 3.00 Grandmother's A&P Condensed Milk - Weaned Calf. Suggesting that this milk is better than the real thing, copyright 1899, R-adv claims "Better Than A Cow" and gives an ingredient comparison with Borden's Eagle Brand. VG, crease UR and LR corners, top margin has tiny chip and is slightly trimmed, light glue stain on reverse.
203.28 9.30 National Oats - Little Girl With Basket. Diecut display piece, 6-1/8 inches tall, that stands by means of the visible back-attached easel that folds back. F.
203.31 12.00 Yuco Breakfast Food - Kids Eating Yuco. Girl in open window (cut out) watches her brother feed Yuco to their baby sister, and reverse side (animated) is an inside view of her mother and two other brothers. VF-, tiny bend tip of LL corner.
203.79 15.00 Stag Smoking Tobacco - Talking Postcard. Small 78rpm record attached to this unused postcard (no idea what's recorded but maybe a commercial), six US Patent dates in the LL corner from Dec. 1901 to Nov. 1909 with other patents pending. VG+, record has crease that may hinder its playing.
203.89 12.00 Wide-Awake Cigars - Uncle Sam And American Eagle. Strongly embossed and highly patriotic inner cigar box label, 10 x 6-1/4 inches. VF.
203.91 11.16 IC Baking Powder - Paper Doll With IC Can. Cheerfully offering it, 5-1/4 inches tall, R-adv (animated) gives directions for folding the skirt back sections in order to make the doll stand up. F-, small scuffs on the skirt back sections.
204.01 8.00 Condell's Big Can Baking Powder - Cherubs Celebrating Big Can. Because it holds 1-1/2 pounds of baking powder and sells for the same price as 1 pound cans of other best brands, R-adv. VG, top and bottom margins expertly added.
204.04 12.00 Buster Brown - Raisin Resolution. Buster Brown, a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcault, shown recommending raisins along with his dog, Tige, and sweetheart, Mary Jane, and who was also drawn by other artists as evidenced by comparing this card with those in Lots 204.05 and 204.06. VG+, very slight wear, small crease UL corner.
204.05 10.00 Buster Brown Bread - Tige Begging For Bread. One of a set of cards showing R. F. Outcault's Buster Brown endorsing Buster Brown Bread made by various bread companies, R-adv is a short poem about the bread. VG+, light wear, long crease LL corner reinforced on reverse.
204.07 8.00 Comic - Henry Avoiding Butcher. Worrying that the butcher wants to make him into sausage, one of a set of 25 halftone cards of the "Henry" series signed by Carl Anderson who created this comic strip character in 1932, R-adv (animated) for J. Wix & Sons, Ltd, Kensitas House, London. F.
204.08 8.00 Folks You Meet - The Punster. One of a set of 4-1/8 x 6-3/8 inch stock cards showing a comic character with a descriptive caption, this one imprinted for a Minneapolis farm equipment manufacturer, R-adv shows one of their products. VG, wear, creases, touched up areas.
204.09 13.00 Standard Steam Laundry Co. - Yellow Kid. Saying he must "git me klean cloz" at the Standard Steam Laundry, R-adv says this was manufactured by permission of an 1896 H. F. Outcault copyright. VG?, this 6" high cutout image is identical to that on a smaller rectangular trade card except the umbrella's tip and handle and both of his feet are not present so it's not clear if this is a diecut or was cut out, although the edges seem smooth, crease across his neck, light glue stains on reverse.
204.11 186.00 Rising Sun Stove Polish - Preparing For The Grand Blackville Ball. Larger 8-3/4 x 6 inch card printed on heavy stock by G. H. Bueck & Co. Lith. NY showing Snowflake primping by the reflection of a polished stove lid while her date waits with his carriage. VG+, light wear, small scuff LL corner, small scuffs on 4 corners of blank reverse plus 2 other slightly larger ones on the interior.
204.12 8.00 Washburn's Best Flour - Brother and Sister. Nice image of these young kids who look like they're posing for a photo, R-adv. F, light toning on reverse.
204.13 14.60 Schoenecker Shoes, Milwaukee, WI - Children From Many Nations. Demonstrating the worldwide popularity of these shoes, R-adv in English and German. F-, small stains UL corner.
204.14 10.00 Fisk's Japanese Soap - Man With Umbrella In Temple Garden. Colorful and nicely designed card captioned "Trade Mark Registered October 11, 1875" at the bottom, R-adv. VG+, tiny sealed tear bottom margin, short bend left and right edges noticeable only on reverse, light reverse wear.
204.15 12.00 Round Oak Stoves - Indian On Horseback. Lithographed front and back covers of a 12-page booklet printed by Gies Co. Buffalo with inside pages showing b/w halftone images of various Round Oak stoves and ranges (animated to show 2 pages). VG+, light wear and bends.
204.16 25.87 1885 Industrial & Cotton Exposition, New Orleans - Bear Drinking Wine. R-adv offers 6 cards showing views in the Exposition Building, elegantly lithographed in colors, trimmed with silk fringe, and ingeniously fastened together with silk cords and tassels. VG+, front is VF, album mounting scuffs on all reverse corners.
204.17 16.00 1885 Industrial & Cotton Exposition, New Orleans - Fox Playing Cards. R-adv offers 6 cards showing views in the Exposition Building, elegantly lithographed in colors, trimmed with silk fringe, and ingeniously fastened together with silk cords and tassels. VG+, front is VF, album mounting scuffs on all reverse corners.
204.18 25.87 1885 Industrial & Cotton Exposition, New Orleans - Duck Drinking Tea. R-adv offers 6 cards showing views in the Exposition Building, elegantly lithographed in colors, trimmed with silk fringe, and ingeniously fastened together with silk cords and tassels. VG+, front is VF, album mounting scuffs on all reverse corners.
204.19 27.00 Ricksecker's Perfumes, Powder & Soap - New Orleans Exposition Souvenir. Attractive 6-3/4 x 4-3/4 inch card on slightly heavier stock showing the Exposition Building and grounds, R-adv in English and French lists 7 Ricksecker's Perfumes and describes their Face Powder and Skin Soap. VG+, light crease LL corner, several tiny scuffs top edge.
204.20 12.00 American Institute 55th Grand National Exhibition - Woman with Machinery. She looks like she's reading the user's manual for some sort of weaving machine, R-adv gives directions to this 1886 NYC event and lists 30 types of machinery on exhibition. VG+, small crease LL corner, top and bottom edges.
204.21 10.00 31st Pennsylvania State Fair, 1885 - Five Fair Buildings. The Main Building flanked by the Poultry & Agricultural Hall, Cattle Sheds, Restaurant and Music Stand, all located on the State Fair Grounds at Broad St. and Lehigh Ave. in Philadelphia, printed by Craig, Finley & Co., Philadelphia, R-adv gives information about the fair. F-, slight wear, small light crease LR corner.
204.25 8.00 1893 Chicago World's Fair - Administration Building. One of a set of stock cards showing buildings of the 1893 World's Fair and surroundings, R-adv for Hartzell's Cough Syrup, Hartzell's Hindoo Oil, and Curena prepared by the Hartzell Medicine Co., Scottsville, Mich. F-, two tiny front stains.
204.26 30.00 1893 Columbian Expo - The Ferris Wheel. Scarce 6-1/2 x 4-1/4 inch cabinet card showing the original Ferris Wheel designed by George Washington Gale Ferris for the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, R-adv (animated) lists various statistics about the wheel. VG+, wear on corners and top edge, light stains
204.27 4.00 Meyers' Pumps and Hay Tools - Brownies Circling The Earth. Illustrating the worldwide popularity of these products with the pump reaching the Chinaman at the earth's bottom, printed by Gies & Co., Buffalo, R-adv lists 28 different Meyers' products. VG, creases and light stain UL corner, small sealed tear and crease LL corner, small chip and crease LR corner.
204.28 10.00 Withington & Cooley Co., Jackson, MI - Tickling The Earth With A Hoe. So that "It will laugh with a Harvest," VG, wear, two horizontal creases across card, corner creases and light margin stains.
204.29 12.87 Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder & Pure Spices - Boy Escaping Crowd. One of a set of cards advertising one of these products, this one showing a scene in what is probably a Chicago neighborhood named Bucktown because of the large number of goats raised there during the 19th century, R-adv is an unused Order Blank. F.
204.30 8.00 Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder & Pure Spices - Begging Clown. One of a set of cards advertising one of these products, this one showing a court jester admiring Princess Pearl, R-adv is an unused Order Blank. VG+, scuff tip of LR corner, light interior bend.
204.31 165.00 Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder & Pure Spices - Ralph Loquitor. One of a set of cards advertising one of these products, this one showing sailor Ralph Rackstraw in Gilbert & Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore" admiring the captain's daughter Josephine, R-adv is an unused Order Blank. F.
204.32 46.00 Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder & Pure Spices - Dear Little Buttercup. One of a set of cards advertising one of these products, this one showing Little Buttercup in Gilbert & Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore" selling her wares, R-adv is an unused Order Blank. VG+, light crease UL corner, tiny nick left edge.
204.33 12.00 Arm & Hammer Baking Soda - Rhoda's Success Story. Front cover of a 4-page booklet with inside pages (animated) telling the story of Rhoda and her experiences with baking bread with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. VG+, inside pages are connected but separated from covers, otherwise F.
204.34 10.00 Arm & Hammer Soda - Bathing Accident. Front cover of a diecut folding trade card that opens (animated) to show the result of Arm & Hammer accidentally dumped into bath water. VG, wear, creases, separated fold rejoined with nearly invisible archival tape.
204.36 12.00 Arm & Hammer Soda - Classroom Lesson. Front cover of a folding trade card in which the schoolmaster teaches his class on health and strength by progressively drawing the Arm & Hammer trademark on the blackboard (animated) while his class pay increased attention. VG+, crease top edge, tiny chip LL corner of 2nd page.
204.37 8.00 Fairbank's Cooked Corned Beef - Lion Leading All Competitors. Dramatizing this canned meat's superiority by showing it leading a walking race which was a popular athletic event in the late 1800s, R-adv is an 1885 Price List of various Fairbank's meats. VG+, light wear, slight bend UR corner.
204.38 10.00 Fleischmann's Yeast - Balloon Ascenders. Dramatizing this yeast's rising ability, printed by the Frey Pt'g Co. Cincinnati with a varnished front surface, R-adv gives directions for use. VG+, crease LR corner.
204.39 17.50 Fleischmann's Yeast - Two Early Risers. Dramatizing this yeast's rising ability, printed by the Frey Pt'g Co. Cincinnati with a varnished front surface, R-adv gives directions for use. VF.
204.40 8.00 Kennedy's Golden Rod Biscuit - Goldenrod and Biscuit. Text claims that both the goldenrod plant and this biscuit can be found everywhere, R-adv is a 16-line poem titled "Our National Flower" that advocates the goldenrod plant as the national flower (interestingly, although many regard it as a weed it's the state flower of Kentucky, Nebraska and South Carolina). F-, small light crease LL and UR corners.
204.42 10.00 Washburn-Crosby Flour - Cow and Calf with Food Bags. Mom samples the Coarse Bran cattle food while Junior looks on and Dad watches in the background, a larger 6-3/8 x 4-1/2 inch card, R-adv for Wheat Bran for growing stock and dairy cows. VG+, short and long crease UL corner, tiny crease tip of LR corner.
204.43 12.00 Washburn, Crosby Co. - Gold Medal Flour. Front and back covers of a folding trade card printed by Armstrong & Co. Boston, inside pages give a recipe for making bread with 6 points to remember. F-, several very light bends not noticeable on front.
204.44 8.00 Washburn-Crosby's Gold Medal Flour - Hurrying Policeman. Running policeman on front and policeman holding bag of Gold Medal Flour on reverse (animated). F-, small light crease LR corner.
204.45 8.00 American Rubber Co. - Woman Donning Pure Gum Kid Boots. Colorful card with American Rubber Co. logos at top, R-adv for Hillsdale, Mich. shoe store. F-, tiny crease tip of UL corner.
204.46 12.00 The Farm Journal - Bringing In Yule Log. Front and back covers of a folding trade card with a festive image signed by famous artist Maud Humphrey showing vassals dragging a freshly cut Yule log to the distant castle while others throw snow balls, inside pages (animated) present a gift of a five year subscription to this magazine founded in 1877 and still in business. F.
204.47 12.00 Hefley's Grotto Saloon - 1871 Union Pacific Railroad Pass To Alaska. Looks authentic at first until reading that it entitles the holder to an Alaskan roundtrip in a balloon or by foot provided he first stops at this saloon, printed by Harris Printer, Philadelphia, R-adv (animated) gives an amusing "Time Table" of hourly alcoholic drinks through the day from 7 AM to 1 AM the next morning. VG+, light wear, two creases across the reverse coinciding with the edges of the red band on front.
204.49 30.00 Enterprise Mfg Co. of PA - Enterprise Cherry Stoner. One of a group of attractive full-color Enterprise cards featuring their various products, this one showing their Cherry Stoner and printed by J. Ottmann Lith. NY, R-adv. VG+, off-center image possibly trimmed at top edge, light bends UL corner.
204.50 15.00 Enterprise Mfg Co. of PA - Fruit, Wine & Jelly Press. One of a set of scarce blue white and tan cards showing how an Enterprise product solves a problem, in this case a suitor using this press to gain his beloved's acceptance, R-adv (animated) gives a description. F-, light wear and two small album remnants on reverse as shown.
204.53 17.00 The Dayton Lawn Mower - Mother & Child. Peaceful scene of a mother taking a break from mowing the lawn to swing her daughter in a hammock, R-adv (animated) shows a close up view of the mower and lists its features. VF.
204.55 8.00 Hartshorn's Self Acting Shade Roller - World's Fair Suggestion. Mock proposal of a gigantic tower for the 1893 Columbian Exposition consisting of Hartshorn Shade Rollers and looking a lot like the Eiffel Tower, inset faces appear to be Columbus, Queen Isabella, and other women, printed by Lindner, Eddy & Claus Lith. NY, R-adv. VG+, front is F, reverse shows slight waviness and a couple of small scuffs.
204.56 37.00 Conklin & Sons Ice & Coal, Madison, WI - Coal Bucket. Front cover of a sewing needle case with needles inside (animated) and back cover (animated) showing a family warming at fireside. F.
204.57 45.00 Wells' Rough On Rats - Family Chasing Rat. One of a group of cards advertising the various medical and household products manufactured and sold by E. S. Wells, Jersey City, NJ, this one for Rough On Rats, 5-1/4 x 8-1/8 inches, R-adv (animated) for 7 Wells' products. VG+, crease UL corner, small repaired scuff LL corner.
204.58 48.00 Herring s Minuteman Safes - With & Without Scenes. Front three panels of a folding trade card showing the safe, its Minuteman namesake, and a safe being delivered by horse drawn wagon, back three panels (animated) has two scenes showing the safe's security compared to those of another make and a third scene showing it being used to store silver. VG, panels were separated and rejoined with archival tape but not in the correct sequence in which the bottom panel is reversed and is at the top, not easily folded due to stiffness of tape, otherwise F.
204.60 15.00 White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer - Waitress Serving, Mechanical. Front cover of a folding card that opens (animated) to show a waitress lifting her arm to offer a dish of ice cream with the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, NH, in the background, printed by the American Lithographic Co. NY, and patented by Albert Operti 1892, back cover (animated) shows the freezer's internal construction. VG+, light wear and creasing, small ship on inside UL corner.
204.62 12.00 Arm & Hammer Brand Soda - Man's Progenitor Metamorphic. Monkeys overcome by using too much Arm & Hammer Soda (animated), R-adv. VG, both folds separated and rejoined with nearly invisible archival tape that does not bend easily, vertical crease across first panel.
204.63 15.00 Garland Stoves - Parlor Stove, Metamorphic. Front cover of a metamorphic trade card tha opens (animated) to show a wife showing a visitor how the new Garland Stove boils water, and card opens further (animated) to show a husband watching the cook prepare to roast a turkey, back cover (animated) has a nice scene of a lily and butterfly, printed by Calvert Lith. Detroit. F-, short crease at center fold.
204.64 10.00 Sapolio - The Reformed Burglar, Metamorphic. Burglar attempts to steal Smith's bonds and gold but sees his reflection in the kitchen door cleaned by Dina with Sapolio and, thinking he saw a ghost, resolves to never burgle again and becomes a citizen of spotless fame (animated), printed by Donaldson Brothers, Five Points, NY. VG+, light wear, small crease LR corner.
204.65 8.00 Acme Soap Powder - Boys With Toy Sail Boat. Nicely dressed little dudes, R-adv offers lithographs in exchange for Gloss Soap wrappers. F-, light crease UL corner.
204.67 4.00 Dyer & Hughes Organs, Foxcroft, ME - Lawn Tennis. One of a set of "Our Picnic" stock trade cards copyright 1888. VG, pinhole and light bend at top margin, crease LL corner, two scuffs on blank reverse.
204.68 47.00 Charter Oak Stoves - Woman Praising Stove. Front cover of a folding trade card printed by G. H. Dunston Lith. Buffalo that opens to show a woman proudly showing off her magnificent Charter Oak Stove, back cover (animated) gives a recipe for cooking a roast with this stove. EX.
204.69 15.00 Donk Bro's Coal, St. Louis - Mother and Daughter. Interesting card featuring the coal rather than the stove, printed by Compton Litho. Co. St. Louis. VG+, small repair LR corner, otherwise VF.
204.70 12.00 Florence Oil Stove - With & Without. Woman cooking with wood stove is overcome by heat while woman cooking with a Florence Oil Stove comfortably plays with her children, R-adv quotes woman's liberation reformer Helen Campbell saying these stoves "rob the kitchen of half its terrors." VF.
204.71 15.00 Round Oak Stoves - Sweltering Polar Bears. Protecting themselves against the heat produced by this stove, printed by T. Sinclair & Son Lith. Philadelphia, R-adv. F-, tiny dent LL corner.
204.72 15.00 Charles Saul, Syracuse, NY - Racing Trotters. One of a set of 24 stock cards of the Strobridge Fair Cards set printed by the Strobridge Lith. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio showing scenes of state and county fairs and mostly sold to fair promoters, this card marked as Card 8, R-adv for this farm & garden merchant. F, tiny crease top edge, faint glue stains on reverse.
204.73 15.00 Wisconsin Central Railroad, Milwaukee - Racing Trotters. One of a set of 24 stock cards of the Strobridge Fair Cards set printed by the Strobridge Lith. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio showing scenes of state and county fairs and mostly sold to fair promoters, this card marked as Card 1, R-adv (animated) for the Wisconsin Central Railroad attracting settlers to farming and timber lands in three Wisconsin counties for $5 an acre. VF.
204.76 10.00 Chas. Stutz, New York City - Cigar Box Manufacturer. Blotter printed by E. Steffens, Litho. NY. VG+, several small ink blots on reverse, front is VF.
204.77 12.00 Day & Night Chewing Tobacco - Farmer Helping Damsel In Distress. Woman has caught her skirt on the fence post and farmer is enjoying helping to release her, R-adv (animated) titled "Do You Ever Look." VG+, small light crease on all corners.
204.78 12.00 Five Brothers Plug Tobacco - Kids Sitting On Wall. They're reading Dickens' "Tale Of Two Cities" and the image can be viewed as a visual pun on that title, printed by Shober & Carqueville, Chicago. VG+, small scuff near top edge colored in to match sky, very faint glue stains on blank reverse.
204.79 15.00 Havana Perfectos Cigars - Cigar Box. Front cover of a 4-section holding trade card that unfolds (animated) to first show the cigars and their importers and then to show their nimble-fingered makers and the storage warehouse, back cover (animated) shows the Cuban Government Warranty Stamp. VG+, small nick on cover's bottom edge, otherwise F.
204.80 10.00 Horse Shoe Snuff - Horse Shoe Snuff Can. Diecut card showing a Horse Shoe Snuff tag on the can's top and advice to save the tag for presents, R-adv (animated) offers a rubber snuff pouch in exchange for this card and 15 Horse Shoe tags. F-, very light wear.
204.81 20.00 Lorillard's Climax Plug Tobacco - Woman At Fountain. Diecut advertisement designed to stand up as a store display, 8-1/2 inches high on light cardboard. F-, scuff on center of blank reverse where the standup easel was removed.
204.82 12.00 Maiden's Blush Chewing Tobacco - Young Maiden. Four-line verse promising that maidens may blush but not reject chewers of this tobacco, printed by Calvert Lith. Detroit. VG+, light bends left edge and UR corner.
204.83 16.00 Uncle Toms Cabin Smoking Tobacco - Uncle Tom and Little Eva. Six-line verse in which Uncle Tom answers Little Eva's question of why he smokes this brand of tobacco, printed by Calvert Lith. Detroit. F, tiny scuff and stain on blank reverse.
204.84 12.00 Welcome Cigarettes - Miss Liberty. Standing at attention and armed with a broom and dust pan, R-adv (animated) claims these cigarettes can be indulged in "continously without any possible injurious effects." F-, very light crease right edge and LR corner.
204.89 12.00 Old Guard Cigars - Civil War Soldiers. Inner cigar box label showing officers of the Union Army taking a break, 6 x 5-7/8 inches. VG+, light waviness and creases, UL and LL corners reinforced on blank reverse.
204.92 300.00 American Eagle Toy Savings Bank - Rare Version. As described in Bruce Roberts' "Mechanical Bank Trade Cards" the American Eagle Toy Savings Bank trade card is almost always found without the advertiser's panel at the bottom trimmed prior to distribution and only a handful of full-bordered examples such as this one are known to exist, printed by Aug. Gast Co. NY. VG+, blank reverse showing light corner creases not noticeable on front, short sealed tear bottom edge, several professionally touched-up margin scuffs only noticed when card is held to the light, very attractive overall appearance.
204.93 22.00 Patton's Sole-Proof Floor Coatings - The Sole Proof Lady. One of what is probably a set of paper dolls for different nations, this one for Ireland, printed by Ketterlinus, Philadelphia & Chicago. VG+, creases across neck and waist reinforced on blank reverse by archival paper, crease on either side of skirt where doll was bent to connect the ends for enabling the doll to stand, vertical crease across the card between the skirt and end tab.
204.94 4.00 Empire Wringer - George and Maud. Maud responds to George's invitation to the garden asking him to wait fewer than three minutes while she finishes the clothes with her new Empire Wringer, R-adv. VG+, pinhole top margin and near bottom margin, light crease LL corner.
204.95 8.00 Boss Pat. Watch Cases - Owl On Branch. One of a set of twelve "Chinese Art" Boss cards as cataloged in Ron Schieber's "Pocket Watch Trade Cards" check list, R-adv describes the case's construction. VF.