Auction Overview

After conducting 204 monthly auctions, beginning in February 1999, Trade Card Place Auctions have been discontinued until futher notice. The descriptive text below no longer applies but is retained for reference purposes, as are other Trade Card Place pages dealing with these auctions.

The Trade Card Place conducts Monthly Online Internet Auctions offering Victorian Trade Cards and similar Paper Ephemera in a wide range of categories and prices, for new and advanced collectors alike.

A new auction opens on the first Thursday of each month and closes 6 days later on the following Wednesday evening, unless otherwise scheduled.

Bidding is done online in real time, and you see the result of your bid within a few seconds of placing it. GoTo Bids are executed competitively, and lots with Reserves are identified as such. No email, phone, fax or mail bids are accepted.

At 9:00 PM Central Time on the closing day an individual 15-minute timer is assigned to each lot and starts ticking. When a lot's timer ticks down to 0 seconds the bidding on that lot is closed, but if a lot receives a bid increase before that time then its timer is reset to 15 minutes and starts ticking again. This closing procedure is designed to eliminate the last-second "sniping" that occurs in some other Internet auctions.

Please click on LotSearcherTM to view the currently offered lots.

More about Trade Card Place Auctions:

  • To place a bid you must be registered as a bidder at Trade Card Place Auctions. If you're not, an easy Registration process applies to the current and all future auctions.
  • Before you place any bids please visit the Terms page for a complete description of the definitions used, the bidding process, and the terms of payment. Your bid is considered to be your agreement to these terms.
  • To view the offered lots your Internet browser must be able to execute Javascript, a capability of all but the earliest browsers. Go to the Help page if you're experiencing problems.
  • After you've placed one or more bids, LotWatcherTM gives you an automatically updated bid status.
  • Each auction offers new lots together with unsold lots from the previous auction. When an unsold lot is carried over from the previous auction its minimum opening bid is reduced by 7%. Lots that remain unsold after being carried over once will not be carried over a second time.
  • Payments are accepted in US funds only by cash, check, money order, or credit card via PayPal (International bidders only).
  • All lots are authentic and are fully and accurately described, including a large full-color image, with a money-back guarantee if not as represented.
  • The Trade Card Place began operation in May, 1996, and presently averages over 600 visitors per day. Trade Card Place Auctions began conducting interactive, online, Internet auctions in February, 1999, with 204 auctions having been successfully conducted since then, and over 10,000 lots have been sold. Over 350 bidders are currently registered (including International bidders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, and Japan).
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