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Auction Terms

Your bid signifies your agreement with the following terms and conditions:












black & white



lower left / lower right









coated stock



no date



hand stamped









advertising on reverse






upper left / upper right

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All Trade Card Place Auction lots are trade cards unless otherwise specified. The definitions used to describe a trade card's condition are as follows:

EX (excellent) - no flaws, as issued

VF (very fine) - no flaws except faint album mounting marks

F (fine) - minor flaws that are not immediately noticeable (e.g., small creases)

VG (very good) - noticeable flaws that do not detract from the card's overall appearance (e.g., larger creases, slightly uneven margins, slight mis-registrations among the different colors, minor staining, minor back surface damage, expertly done repairs using archival materials)

G (good) - noticeable flaws that do detract from the card's overall appearance (e.g., minor front surface damage, major staining, missing corners, tears, pinholes, very uneven margins, minor trimming, partial separation of folding parts, major back surface damage, poorly done repairs)

P (poor) - major flaws (e.g., large holes, major trimming, folding parts completely separated, badly damaged surfaces)

Please note that the full-color images of the listed cards were made using a color scanner capable of reproducing millions of colors, and all possible efforts have been made to keep these colors faithful. Due to variations in computers and computer monitors, however, there may be some slight color difference between the actual card and what you see on your monitor. However, absolutely no computerized retouching of flaws (e.g., stains, missing corners, etc.) will be done; and any flaws that may exist are mentioned in the card's written description.

All cards are shown in full color and at full size unless otherwise noted. Some cards, such as foldovers and metamorphics, are shown as an animation and are noted as such.


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Because of the difficulty in determining how many specimens of a given trade card are in existence, the definitions used by Trade Card Place Auctions to describe a trade card's scarcity are relative rather than absolute, and are as follows:

Common - a card that is frequently seen in collections or dealers' offerings

Scarce - a card that is seldom seen in collections or dealers' offerings

Rare - a card that rarely appears in collections or dealers' offerings

The adverb "very" (e.g., very scarce) will be used when appropriate but sparingly. It should be noted that scarcity is only one of three factors that determine a trade card's value, the other two factors being appeal and condition.

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  • Trade Card Place Auctions are conducted online in real time by computer programs.
  • Only registered bidders are allowed to place bids.
  • Bids made by email, mail, phone or fax will not be accepted.
  • Bids are recorded and executed automatically after being received on a first-come, first-served basis; and the resulting bidding status is automatically updated and posted.
  • In case of tie bids, only the earliest is considered.
  • The Trade Card Place is not responsible for any bids delayed or lost due to malfunctioning or failure of its host server owned and operated by Earthlink, Inc.
  • Each lot is auctioned in a separate auction having its own ending time which is independent of any other auctions that may be in progress.
  • HiBid is the current winning bid on a lot.
  • EndsIn is the amount of time left before a lot's auction ends. If, when EndsIn is 15 minutes or less, a bid is made that increases a lot's HiBid then the value of EndsIn for that lot is immediately and automatically set equal to exactly 15 minutes.
  • When a lot's auction ends the lot will be sold to the high bidder on that lot for the amount of the HiBid plus the buyer's premium and other charges (see Payments) unless there is a Reserve on that lot which has not been met (see below).
  • MinNewBid is the minimum new bid that will increase the HiBid on a lot. Its amount is equal to the HiBid plus the MinRaise.
  • MinRaise is the minimum allowable raise on a lot, calculated as follows:

    HiBid ($)

    MinRaise ($)

    1.00 - 19.99


    20.00 - 49.99


    50.00 - 99.99


    100.00 - 249.99


    250.00 - 499.99


    500.00 - 999.99


    1000.00 - 1999.99


    2000.00 and up


  • YourBid is your current bid on a lot.
  • YourNewBid is the new bid that you're making on a lot.
    • YourNewBid will be entered as YourBid for that lot if you had not previously bid on that lot or if you had previously bid on that lot and YourNewBid exceeds your previous YourBid.
    • Placing YourNewBid on a lot registers you as a bidder on that lot which enables you to monitor the lot's bidding activity with LotWatcher whether or not you're the HiBidder.
  • A Reserve is the lowest price at which a lot will be sold, and is executed as follows:
    • The value of a Reserve is not disclosed to the bidders.
    • The bidding information for each lot indicates whether or not that lot has a Reserve.
    • The bidding information for a lot having a Reserve indicates whether or not the HiBid has met the Reserve.
    • If YourNewBid equals or exceeds a previously unmet Reserve then the HiBid is set equal to the Reserve.
    • A lot will not be sold if its HiBid is less than its Reserve when the lot's auction ends.
  • A GoToBid on a lot is the highest bid that has been made and accepted on that lot, and the person who made that bid is the GoToBidder for that lot.
    • A GoToBid on a lot may be higher than the lot's current HiBid due to a YourNewBid that exceeded a MinNewBid.
    • A lot's GoToBid is kept secret from all bidders except the GoToBidder who can view it by using LotWatcher to display the status of his or her bids.
    • If your YourNewBid on a lot equals or exceeds the current GoToBid plus MinRaise (based on the current GoToBid) then:
      • the new HiBid is set to the current GoToBid plus the MinRaise
      • the new GoToBid is set to YourNewBid
      • you become the new HiBidder and GoToBidder
    • If your YourNewBid plus MinRaise (based on YourNewBid) is less than the current GoToBid then:
      • the new HiBid is set to YourNewBid plus the MinRaise
      • the HiBidder, GoToBid and GoToBidder remain as before
    • If your YourNewBid meets neither of the two previous conditions, then:
      • the new HiBid is set to the current GoToBid
      • the HiBidder, GoToBid and GoToBidder remain as before
    • Notice that under these rules if bidder A is the GoToBidder with a GoToBid of $250, and bidder B makes a later bid of $270, then bidder A remains the GotToBidder with a GoToBid of $250. Although bidder B is registered as having made that bid, the bid was not accepted because it didn't meet the MinRaise of $25.
    • Notice also that these rules allow a situation where bidder A wins an auction lot with a GoToBid of $250 even though bidder B made a later bid of $270. Although this may seem unfair, it's a consistent application of the MinRaise rules and protects a GoToBidder from a rather bizarre situation of bidder B making a bid of $250.01 and winning the lot by one penny.
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  • The Winning Bids are added together to give the Total Winning Bids and a 10% Buyer's Premium is added to give the Bid Total.
  • Postage & Handling charges are as follows:
    • USA: $2.50 for the first lot and 25 cents for each additional lot. A Certified Mail Charge of $2.95 is added when the Bid Total is $200 or more. Lots are mailed by USPS Registered Mail when the Bid Total is $400 or more for a charge determined by the Declared Value.
    • Canada: $2.75 for the first lot and 25 cents for each additional lot.
    • All Other Countries: $3.75 for the first lot and 40 cents for each additional lot.
  • All mailed lots are privately insured, and insurance charges are as follows:
    • no charge when Bid Total is less than $50
    • 50 cents when Bid Total is $50 to $100
    • $1 when Bid Total is more than $100
  • Illinois residents are charged a Sales Tax equal to 7.25% of the Bid Total.
  • A winning bidder will receive an email invoice from The Trade Card Place, usually within 24 hours, for the Total Amount Due for all won lots.
  • A Winning Bidder is expected to acknowledge reception of an email invoice via return email within 3 days of receiving the invoice.
  • Payment is due upon receiving an email invoice, and is expected within 7 days.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are in US Dollars by cash, check or money order. PayPal payment by US bidders has been discontinued.
  • Please make checks and money orders payable to The Trade Card Place and mail to:
    The Trade Card Place, PO Box 4885, Wheaton, IL 60189.
  • Lots are mailed the next day for payments by cash, money order, credit card via PayPal (International only), or checks from bidders known by The Trade Card Place. Checks from bidders not known by The Trade Card Place must clear before lot shipment.
  • Lots are sent by First Class Mail when the Bid Total is less than $200, Certified Mail when it is $200 or more, and Registered Mail when it is $400 or more. Other arrangements apply to non-USA mailings as appropriate.
  • Sturdy flatpack mailers are used, and each lot is placed in an individual 10-mil Mylar sleeve unless oversized.
  • All lots are guaranteed for authenticity and condition as described.
  • Any lot incorrectly described is returnable for a full refund (including the Buyer's Premium, Postage & Handling Charge, and Insurance Charge), provided that a notice of return is sent via email to The Trade Card Place within 5 days of receiving the lot, and the returned lot is received by The Trade Card Place within 10 days of the date of the email return notice.
  • Any returned lot received in a lesser condition than when it was sent to the buyer will not be accepted, and will be returned to the buyer without refund.

By agreeing to these terms when registering, the bidder guarantees payment for won lots. In the event of non-payment, the winning bidder is barred from further participation in Trade Card Place Auctions. If an unpaid invoice is referred to an attorney for collection, the winning bidder agrees to pay all incurred fees and costs.

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