Articles About Trade Cards

The Trade Card Place has created a permanent, on-line Reference Library of articles about various aspects of trade cards and trade card collecting. Articles currently in this library are listed below in reverse order of their publication or update.

Trade Cards of The Week
Tobacco Women
Figural Cameos
Cameo Makers
US Presidents
Dr. Kilmer's Medicines
Series Trade Cards
Dr. Haas Trade Cards
Turn-Of-The-Century Bitters Cards
Currier & Ives Trade Cards
A Brief History of Trade Cards
Boss Patent Watch Cases
One Hundred Years Hence
Lawn Mowers
Roller Skating

Famous Person Caricatures

Bicycle and Trick Riders

American Cereal Co. - 1893 World's Fair

Stronger Than ...

Winter Sports

And the Winner Is ...

Tom Thumb Trade Cards

Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient Trade Cards

Clark's Thread - American Scenes

Shadow Trade Cards by Bufford

Atmore's Mince Meat & Plum Pudding Trade Cards

Baron Munchausen Trade Cards by A. Hoen

Resemblance Trade Cards

Jumbo Trade Cards by Buek & Lindner

Occupational Trade Cards by Gies & Co.

More Before and After Trade Cards

Die Cut Trade Cards

Coated Stock Trade Cards

Some Seldom Seen Trade Cards

Advertising Trade Cards

Mechanical Bank Trade Cards

Clipper Ship Cards

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