by Burt Purmell



I've spent many years pursuing, collecting and studying Advertising Trade Cards. What keeps my interest alive these days are the truly great ones. It's refreshing to come upon a wonderful card I'd not been aware of before!

Seeing such a card re-energizes my collecting instincts and sends me off once again in further pursuit. That's what I like about The Trade Card Place and the Victorian Images auctions. You never know what "have to have" card might come to light!

However, if I'm not able to own the card, just the ability to view it can suffice. After all, owning them all wouldn't be much fun! There'd be nothing left to look forward to!

Mulling it over, I thought "it might be interesting to show a group of cards that have seldom if ever been seen before." Choosing cards in that category would be a difficult task to be sure. They would have to be trade cards that I hadn't shown in my June '98 article on The Trade Card Place. So, I plowed through my visual memory bank of trade cards I'd seen in collections, auction catalogs, etc. That's a lot of cards!

Here are the results in living color. Click on the images and watch them come to life!













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