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Subcategories of this category include Blacks, Asians, Irish, Germans, French, Jews, American Indians and Hispanics.

The stereotypes appearing in many of the trade cards in this category were usually intended to be humorous 100 years ago but are quite objectionable by today's standards. The portrayal of blacks is certainly the most offensive, but Chinese, Irish and American Indians are also often shown in an unfavorable light.

While creating this page, some thought was given to excluding cards having an objectionable stereotype. This idea was abandoned, however, after realizing that this would be like rewriting history. Because many of us learn by our mistakes, it seems important to not distort the past, even though it might be unpleasant at times.

Some examples are shown here at 25 percent of actual size. Click on a card for a larger view and a description that includes the price it brought at auction (without buyer's premium).